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Here for Fun!

Little Likes Kids™ aims to delight and exceed the expectations of children aged 6 and under. We are committed to being a trusted source for thoughtfully designed, quality toys.


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Memory Games

Barbershop ★ Musical Crossroads ★ Sweetgrass Head basket

  • DANCE & SING TO THE BEAT: Classic play with sweet and highly-recognizable scenes. Little Likes Kids™️ creates this product to cultivate a love of dance, music, and cultural heritage from an early age. Musical Crossroads Memory Game™️ includes all kinds of musical instruments, audio mixers, and dances to pique your child’s interest in all things rocking and tune their tastes to culture. From the world of symphonies to DJs and turntables, Musical Crossroads has every sound check complete!

  • GAMES THAT GROW: Designed to be adaptive to all children at any skill level, Little Likes Kids™️ Memory Games can be as challenging or easy as you’d like. Start your child with 8 pairs to match and watch them grow faster and more accurate. Keep adding pairs until you get to the full 24. Encourages children to challenge their mind and expand their cognitive and hand eye skills. Build your child’s toy collection with a fun, modern, and multicultural activity that encourages screen-free play with high-quality traditional toys.

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A Toy Story

I founded Little Likes Kids™ because I wanted toy options for my son that reflected his and his friends’ experiences. As a mother, my job is to love, and sharing toys that include images and experiences that reflect my son is a way for me to show him he is loved. That I can’t fill his toy box and bookshelves with an appropriate mix of inclusive items is a lost opportunity for joy.

I want to create a space where the only thing children know is joy. For my mother, loving gestures included scouring the aisles (beating back other women with her purse that one Christmas) to find dolls that looked like my sisters and me. While she and her girlfriends laughed off the energy it took to bring home those limited items that looked like and included their children, we believe there is no need for that sense of scarcity anymore. 

At Little Likes Kids™ we understand that no gifting moment should come and go without an opportunity to share items with your child that reflects who they are. So we create toys and playful images that reflect kids like my son and his wonderfully diverse gaggle of friends. 


I created Little Likes Kids™ because no one else did, for my Henry …and yours.